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Curriculum Vitae:

My mission is to create new cross-disciplinary knowledge on fundamental, marine biomineralization and geochemical processes  that I apply to improve paleo-environmental reconstructions, pearl culturing and our general understanding of how biominerals grow.

I integrate marine aquaculture of live calcifying organisms and advanced micro- to nano-scale isotopic and molecular characterization methods to study the interaction of mineral and organic phases across all lengths scales with the aim to develop new biomineralization models.

I practice a values-based leadership approach in which I encourage respectful communication and a collaborative work environment that recognizes and celebrates diverse perspectives and accessible work approaches in all aspects of my work.



Doctorate (PhD) in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Macquarie University, Australia

Advisors: Prof Dorrit E. Jacob and Dr Matthew Kosnik


Visiting doctoral student, University of Michigan with Prof Robert Hovden


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Geosciences

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC) and the University of Mainz, Germany, joint degree

Advisors:  Prof Meinrat Andrae, Prof Denis Scholz and Dr Klaus Peter Jochum


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Geosciences

University of Mainz

Advisors: Prof Dorrit Jacob and Dr Ursula Wehrmeister

Research experience:


Postdoctoral fellow, full-time

Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University,

Advisor: Prof Dorrit Jacob; Discipline lead: Honorary Prof Stephen Eggins


Research associate in Biomineralization, full-time

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Macquarie University

Advisor: Prof Dorrit Jacob


Research associate, part-time (80% FTE)

Macquarie University,

Advisor: Prof Dorrit Jacob


Research assistant, full-time

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Advisor: Prof Meinrat Andreae and Dr Klaus Peter Jochum



Competitive funding:


ANU Major Equipment Committee Grant $116,7k, lead-CI

Bridging the gap: Expanding ANU capabilities in Near- to Mid-Range InfraRed nano-metre Phase Characterization and Imaging


Director's award for strategic research $14,7k, sole CI

A shell-based matrix-matched calibration material for in-situ stable oxygen isotope micro-analysis


Malacological Society of Australasia Research Fund $2,5k, sole CI

Growing Anadara trapezia bivalves in aquaculture experiments to improve paleo seawater temperature reconstructions and quantify vulnerability in future oceanic conditions


AuScope-RSES SHRIMP Access Award $3,2k, sole CI

SHRIMP stable oxygen isotope analyses of bivalves grown under controlled aquaculture conditions


Australian Synchrotron & ANSTO International Synchrotron Access Program $5,6k, lead CI

Probing the sub-micron growth-dynamics of strontium-labelled bivalve shells with STXM mapping

Other funding:


Nanyang Technological University Research Collaboration Agreement $10k, lead CI

Micron- to nano-scale exploration of biomineralization processes in fish otoliths

Awards and achievements:



Top cited article award in Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research


Travel award $1,3k, MDPI Crystals


ARC Discovery Project DP210101268 $420k, named postdoctoral scholar on proposal with CIs: Dorrit Jacob, Stephen Eggins, Simon Clark, Stephan Wolf, and Richard Wirth,


Beate Mocek Price $1,6k, German Mineralogical Society


Postgraduate Research Fund $5,5k, incl. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Commendation, Macquarie University, Faculty of Science and Engineering


Best presentation $50, HDR Conference 2017, Macquarie University


International Postgraduate Research Scholarship $200k, Australian Government


Travel Grant $1,5k, Max Planck Graduate School


Thesis Award, Max Planck Graduate School, outstanding master’s thesis grading “superior”


Thesis Award $200, Johannes Gutenberg University for outstanding bachelor’s thesis


Travel Award $400, Johannes Gutenberg University’s Foundation for Gem Material and Economic Geology

Invited presentations:


Invited presentation, Gordon Research Seminar on Biomineralization, Barcelona, Spain


Guest seminar, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lausanne, Switzerland


Guest seminar, Nanyang Technological University, Asian School of the Environment and Earth Observatory Singapore, Singapore


Invited speaker, Broken Bay Pearls c/- Pearls of Australia Pty Ltd., Mooney Mooney, NSW, Australia


Guest seminar, University of Michigan, Department of Material Science, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Student supervision:

Supervision philosophy:

I guide students to become independent thinkers, team players, and creative problem solvers, which prepares them for successful careers in and outside academia. My definition of success is that students find joy and purpose in their studies and feel they are actively contributing to their field with their research projects. I believe that a student who feels safe and supported is more motivated and productive. For this reason, I tailor my support to meet individual needs and aim to create a scaffolded learning experience that serves as a safe space for exploring their ideas and hypothesis.


Ongoing adjunct-/co-supervision of 3 doctoral theses:

Since 2023:                 

Multiscale dynamic visualization of biomineralization processes in marine calcifiers - Kushani Jayasoma

primary supervisor Prof Dorrit Jacob, the Australian National University

Since 2021:                 

Environmental records from Tridacna clams over the last millennium - Tao Ye

primary supervisor Prof Stewart Fallon, the Australian National University

Since 2021:                 

Using giant clam shell geochemistry to understand past environmental change and human-environment interaction in the South Pacific - Bohao Dong

primary supervisor Dr Amy Prendergast, University of Melbourne


Biomineralization pathways and element partitioning in calcium carbonate - Shiladitja Mazumdar

2017-2022, Primary supervisor Prof Dorrit Jacob, Macquarie University


Primary supervision of Honors student thesis:


An aquaculture-based calibration of bivalve shell isotope and trace element thermometry using the Sydney cockle Anadara trapezia - Oliver Medd

Bachelor of Science Hons with first-class distinction, the Australian National University

Original research associated with Oliver's Hons project:

Medd et al., (2024) Matrix corrected SIMS in-situ oxygen isotope analyses of marine shell aragonite for high resolution seawater temperature measurements. Authorea Preprints

HDR supervisor qualifications:


HDR Supervision at ANU - responsibilities and good practice for experienced supervisors, ANU Pulse training module completion certificate


HDR Supervision at ANU - responsibilities and good practice for new supervisors, ANU Pulse training module completion certificate


HDR Supervision at Macquarie University, successful completion of HDR supervisor training ‘HDR30’ module 1 and 2


Consent matters, online training pathway to MQU HDR supervision

Teaching contributions:

Contributions to undergraduate teaching at ANU:


Co-lecturer first national Hyperspectral mineralogy workshop, 3-day intensive, funded by AuScope, student participants across eight major Australian Universities



Co-lecturer Analytical Techniques EMSC-4122 (April 2024), lecture, practical and quiz design

Contributions to undergraduate teaching at Macquarie University:


Demonstrator (part-time), course ‘GEOS112: The Planet Earth, practical demonstrating and exam marking 2 groups of 30 students


Contributions to undergraduate teaching at University of Mainz:


Teaching assistant (part-time), course ‘M.09.065.020: Mineralogy, small group practical demonstrating of spectroscopic methods


Teaching qualifications:


The Human Face of Teaching, 2-day ANU College of Science teaching colloquium


Other qualifications supporting student interactions:


ANU LGBTIQA+ ally training, workshop offered as part of the University's commitment to on-campus inclusivity so all people can work and study safely and free of harassment or discrimination


Standard Mental Health First Aider, accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia, 12-hour course teaches skills for providing initial help to a person experiencing a mental health crisis


Committee and working group engagement:


RSES Seminar committee member


ANU Visibly Diverse member, cross-college peer-support group for staff with disabilities


RSES Inclusion Diversity Equity Access Committee chair


College of Science Inclusion Diversity Equity Access Committee member


Peer reviewing for academic journals:

I have reviewed a total of 15 manuscripts for academic publishers.


Chemical Society Reviews, Climate of the Past, European Journal of Mineralogy, Gems and Gemology, Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, Marine Biology, Nature Communications, PNAS, RSC Nanoscale, and Science Advances


Editorial service roles for academic journals:


Ethics/DEI working peer group, Advances in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry – a new community-driven diamond open access journal


Editorial review board member, Gems & Gemology, The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)


Organization of conferences and scientific meetings:


Hyperspectral workshop in co-taught with CSIRO


RSES School Seminar host for Dr Amy Prendergast’s (University of Melbourne)


Conference session chair at GeoAnalysis Freiberg, Germany, session 1 "Characterizing Earth Materials in Three Dimensions'

Science communication:

Section coming soon!


Metrics overview:


10 (Google Scholar, 20/05/2024) and 9 (Scopus, 20/05/2024)


315 (Google Scholar, 20/05/2024) and 246 (Scopus, 20/05/2024)


14,699 reads across all publications (ResearchGate, 20/05/2024)

Total publications:

21 peer-reviewed articles (20 original research, 1 review)

First authored articles:

7 peer-reviewed and 1 non-peer reviewed (not shown)

Invited articles: 



Published author in Nature Communications (2), and PNAS (1)

I have 1 publication in the top 10% most viewed publications worldwide (SciVal, 20/05/2024)

1.16 Field-Weighted Citation Impact, topic “nacre; mechanical properties; bio-inspired” (SciVal, 20/05/2024)

2.98 Field-Weighted Citation Impact, topic “Atomic Force Microscopy; Infrared Spectroscopy” (SciVal, 20/05/2024)

Conference abstracts:


A full list of publications can be found here

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