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Science communication and media engagement:

Interviews featured on public radio shows and podcasts:

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I joined Triple R (102.7FM) Melbourne Independent Radio for their science show 'Einstein A Go-Go' in episode 317 'Wind, fire, shells and the latest in science!' (broadcasted live on the 31st of October, 2021). "Dipping into the ocean, Dr Laura Otter from the Australian National University unpacks her research into ‘nacre’, the incredibly beautiful iridescent material we see on the insides of some seashells and the outside of pearls. It turns out nacre is not just pretty to look at; it also has a 3D hierarchical arrangement and nano-scale features that make it three thousand times tougher than the materials from which it is made! With presenters Dr. Shane, Dr. Ray, and Dr. Stacey."

Click image to go to the Podcast via the Apple Podcast app or find it on Spotify.

Interviews featured in written articles:

  • 2021, ScienceNews: "Researchers have unlocked the secret to pearls’ incredible symmetry" by Rachel Crowell

  • 2021, Jeweller Magazine: "Pearls of wisdom: tidal shifts in the sector" by Arabella Roden

  • 2020, Australian Geographic: Pearls of promise” by Esther Beaton

  • 2018, The Daily Telegraph: “Broken Bay Pearls at centre of new study” by Cathy Stubbs

  • 2018, Peninsula News: "Scientific paper written about our cultured pearls" by Emma Casey

 Media releases related to my research:

  • 2021: "How pearls achieve nanoscale precision: Coaxing order from unpredictable layers, mollusks do what humans can't"

  • 2019: "Cracking the mystery of nature’s toughest material"

  • 2019: "Cracking the mystery of nature’s toughest material"

  • 2017: "What a pearler: Local pearl farm and Macquarie University researchers team up"

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